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arcane_chaos said:
Viper1 said:
arcane_chaos said:
Ajescent said:
arcane_chaos said:
we all knew peach was a whore in the first place...where do you think bowser jr. came from? she just pretends to get kidnapped because Bowser has full custody of the kid. :p

Been saying that for years, no one believes me.

they all just missed that episode of Maury where Peach brought Bowser in for a paternity test

But the tests came back inconclusive.

The lab didn't know they had to test for reptilian proteins in Peach's blood sample.

true...but then peach released the sex tape and it cleary showed Bowser wearing no protection. lol

Indeed.  I mean he can't wear that shell when she straddles him.

The rEVOLution is not being televised