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It does seem strange that the prices are higher compared to the retail package.

I pre-ordered NSMB2 and the retailer I got it from gives a 10% discount on the original price (4,800 yen), so 4,320 yen. Plus they also give you 10% in points from that which you can use to purchase other things at the store. I will get 432 points (effectively 432 yen which I can use for other stuff at the store. So it will effectively be just under 3,900 yen. The DL version won't be that cheap according to that article.

Plus with the DL version I won't be able to lend my game to anybody. After I cleared SM3DL, I lent the game to my gf so she could play it on her 3DS. I'll do the same with NSMB2 as well.

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