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MaxwellGT2000 said:

Also for Tournaments, I have 2 questions, are we going to have one map we stick to like Final Destination, make one specificially for the tournament, or kind of random stage no matter what? The other question is, are we going to have timed or stock matches? If we got to vote I say stock, it's what I'm used to and I see as fair.

Well, we sure as hell won't stick to Final Destination in my tourneys.  It's way too boring hehe.  The person creating the tourney should set those rules in advance.  Explain what items will be on and off, what game mode we'll be using, and what stages will be played on.  Obviously all tournaments will not be cookie cutter, and we can do special tournaments like Pokemon battles where you only use Pokemon characters and all items are Pokeballs, or fencing tournaments where your character must be a sword fighter.