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MaxwellGT2000 said:
naznatips said:
Gamefaqs is full of fanboys who review games for other systems and Melee tourney gamers who are still being whiney bitches about the removal of their game engine exploits. None of its reviews are worth reading. After hearing IGN's podcast I've lost all hope in there being a such thing as a good review source anywhere. I've decided reviews aren't worth anything, even in the content, because IGN just proved that you don't have to know shit about a game to review it our bash it. Thanks IGN in destroying my faith in gaming media forever.

Yeah I was kind of mad at that, but it may also be that A Matt wasn't there to balance everything out like he usually does, Bozon is very critical of games and even if he's bashing it he really does love it, the other guys are stupid and not even reviewers so don't worry about them, if you look up the antcipated games of 2008 they all have Smash as their title, and they love it they were just getting a few nags out there, or non reviewers just being like the rest of the complainers out there.

Fran is the one who reviewed Melee.  Here's the really retarded part: he praised the Adventure mode in Melee but said SSE sucks in Brawl?  What the fuck?  SSE does everything Melee did better.  Yeah, I'm tired of IGN.  They weren't a few nags, there were ignorant jackasses. 

They said wavedashing was like snaking and they don't use it.  WTF. A) No way ignorant boobs who think Smash has no strategy and is button mashing know how to wavedash.  B) How is it in any way like the simple left and right boosts of snaking, and C) It's not even in this game you dumbasses!