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Jay520 said:
spenderzz said:

No.  Not in the least.  I never understood the allure of a subpar shooter with mediocre stealth elements that consists of playing for a short while, sitting through an absurdly incomprehensible mini-movie cut scene, rinsing, and repeating for 100 hours.

I see...with the knowledge that you extremely disliked the game, it is safe for me to assume that upon viewing the thread title, you knew the topic didn't interest you in the slightest. Yet, you entered the thread anyway with pre-established intentions to spark negativity, as you knew there was no chance of you posting anything positive. Why would you enter and post in this thread if you knew your posts within the thread could only be negative? That's a sign of a troll, right there.

its not like this is an opinion thread which discusses Metal Gear Solid 4. In that case, you'd be free to talk down on it all you want. However, this is about trophies FOR Metal Gear Solid 4. And since you didn't like Metal Gear Solid 4 to begin with, then you're opinion of the trophies are really irrelevant. So you really have no reason to be here.

Either that, or he never even played it and just wanted to dump on it because it's not on his favorite system.