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zuvuyeay said:
Kasz216 said:
zuvuyeay said:
good to see some magic players here,

i do play on PC but i haven't installed via steam apart from red orchestra,for example i bought magic tactics but not via steam,do you all buy your games via steam or are there games you have played a lot not connected to steam

I get all mine on steam.

Personally, I love collectable card games, but only play the videogame versions.

I can't rationalize buying boosters.  God knows what they cost now, but way back when they used to be a buck, and you'd hope you'd get one out of 7 cards that were useful.  I used to buy them as a kid only because my allowance was $5 bucks... and the price to rent a videogame was 4 dollars even.  (Well SNES was 4, NES was 2 for 4.)

i love magic but i am new to it via psn and tactics on the PC,i did buy some half price stuff for tactics including a booster,i wanted to see what they are but i haven't even booted it up yet,save it for a rainy day,i'm playing 2013 now on psn,is the PC version very different and better,

was magic around on all the earlier consoles i never seem to have found them or similiar,i never played the card games though,i do like the computer doing everything and love the art work and stuff,what are the other magic type games,my psn buddy plays one with his son,can't remember what it is now

people seem to say they don't like tactics but i just love things moving around the board like the old commodore 64 chess type game i use to play,i haven't really built specific decks to play people but imagine thats what goes on with the experienced players in these tournoments i see on the sites

was that eye of judgement game like magic

@ zarx very true you do not need it to have decent gaming

Consoles, not that i know of... there was a really sweet PC magic game early on that was a better game.  It a story, Scenario mode where you wandered around completing quests, dueling monsters and raiding crypts and such.

Only issue it had was that back then magic was full of bullshit back that.  Way too many "Protection from" and "Walk" cards.

Eye of Judgement... honestly i can't remember, I don't believe so... I thiiiiiiiiiiink it was more like Triple Triad but in a different kind of way.


As for previous trading card games i've liked, there's the DBZ TCG on GBA, the Monster Hunter Trading card game on PS1,  Digimon card game on PS1, Pokemon Trading card game on... GB i want to say,,,,, Triple Triad in FF8 was the only thing i liked about that game.....

Marvel Trading card game sucks, they should of kept overpower and made a card game off that.