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Where exactly does the desire to track sales come from? Is it nothing more than an effort to validate one's own opinions by the opinions of others (which in truth doesn't make their opinion any less subjective)? Furthermore, how is that really something to take pride in given that it seems an act of admitting you lack your own unique interests?

I recognize you can't lump everybody's reasons for buying a game together solely on the fact that they purchased the game; nevertheless, I find it depressing when there are so many unique titles out there that go without support while the same generic titles enjoy endless support. I feel like sites like this actually lend themselves to a conformist mentality that ensures the failure of unique endeavors.

I also wonder where one draws the line between recognizing their own interests. If your interests always seem to align themselves with some majority how can you ever be sure that you arrived to those interests because they were your own rather than arriving to them through exteral influences like hype, advertising and conformity?

Might this also explain why fans of a particular product are so reluctant to admit dissatisfaction with said product and the manufacturer's practices? I won't name any specific examples to avoid offense but I am sure many of us can think of instances where the fans have needlessly defended a manufacturers/developer/publisher when their actions were clearly against their own best interests. They simply aren't aware that it is against their interests because they don't know what their own interests are.

How do you breathe again?