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Mine isn't public.... but I don't have many games so I can list them, due to crashes and such though a lot of play time is missing.

84h - Sim City 4: Deluxe (I expect about 5-10 hours missing)
70h - Trackmania Nations Forever (again about 5-10 hours missing... I stopped playing when they started limiting how many races you could play for free)
28h - Half-Life 2 (maybe 4-5 hours missing)
18h - Half-Life (maybe an hour missing)
11h - Half-Life: Source (I think this one is probably correct)
8h - Half-Life 2: Ep2 (couple of hours missing)
7h - Half-Life Opposing Force (2-3 hours missing)
7h - Deus Ex: GotY edition (couple of hours missing)
7h - Portal (couple of hours missing)
7h - Half-Life 2: Ep1 (maybe an hour missing)
31m - Half-Life 2 Lost Coast (I think this is correct)
27m - Half-Life Blue Shift (at least 6 hours missing... no idea why so little of it logged)
26m - Team Fortress 2 (I think this is correct)
20m - The Polynomial (i think this may be more than I have actually spent on it, as it doesn't work so I don't know why i would have left it on so long)
16m - Riven (correct)
7m - Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (7m spent in menus, so didn't really play it)
4m - Deus Ex: Invisible War (I have spent a good couple of hours on it, like HL:BS I have no idea why so little logged)
4m - Half-Life Deathmatch: Source (correct)

Not played - Team Fortress Classic.


Total games: 19
Games played (Steam) 95%
Games played (realistically) 74% (discounted Polynomial, Riven, HL2:D and HLD:S)
Total time (Steam) 249 hours
Total time (estimate of actual) ~292 hours