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Ajescent said:
BasilZero said:
Ajescent said:
BasilZero said:
Ajescent said:
BasilZero said:
naruball said:
Some psp games would be great. I realise that there aren't many vita games out, but maybe they could give us uncharted or something and really encourage people to buy a vita/ get ps+

Its too early for Uncharted, they said its only a game that has been out over a year since its release date I think.

not entirely true because we have had a few day 1s

Like what o.O?

Trine 2
Castle Crashers
Plants vs Zombies
And loads more I can't remember right now.

Oh yeah, Virtua Fighter 5 that's currently on the list is a day one

Virtua Fighter 5 is a enhanced port/remake, its not a new game.

The other games.....they are not major budget games are they..? Maybe that is why o.O? Why would Uncharted a major IP for the Vita be a day 1 PSN+ free D:!?

Oh, you mean disc games. No, I wouldn't want those because that would be stupid on Sony's/devs part.

To be honest, I question the sanity of "dayone'ing" Downloadable games, how do they plan on making their money?

 This is speculative on my part, but I think a big part of the PS+ 'profits' come from essentially selling advertising space. So like, if Double Fine and THQ give PS+ Stacking day one, then it gets 'priority' advertising space on PSN, along with Costume Quest, Hoard, all their DLC's etc. They were all over the PSN store when they launched... doubt it's a coincidence. Same happened after Plants vs Zombies was free, and Bejewelled, Zuma etc started appearing on there lol.

 There'll be lots of intricacies behind each PS+ deal I bet, but I think it's ultimately a clever way for Sony to monetize PSN advertising space as well as extend the money generated from games late in their sales cycle. I reckon we'll get disc games day 1 in the end too - the service is only expanding and growing from here - but quite how that deal would work out for all parties I'm not quite sure yet.

 I think EU / USA PS+ people can figure out what games they're gonna get in the next few months by looking at what they haven't got the others do. That's ratchet & Clank for EU... and a few more I think I already own :(.

 Ermmmmm, in terms of games I'd like, which are somewhat realistic, I think De Blob 2 would be cool and after bombing so hard would benefit from the exposure. God of War III I still need to play, and Uncharted 1 I'd like to go back to after selling it.