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BasilZero said:
Ajescent said:
BasilZero said:
Ajescent said:
BasilZero said:
naruball said:
Some psp games would be great. I realise that there aren't many vita games out, but maybe they could give us uncharted or something and really encourage people to buy a vita/ get ps+

Its too early for Uncharted, they said its only a game that has been out over a year since its release date I think.

not entirely true because we have had a few day 1s

Like what o.O?

Trine 2
Castle Crashers
Plants vs Zombies
And loads more I can't remember right now.

Oh yeah, Virtua Fighter 5 that's currently on the list is a day one

Virtua Fighter 5 is a enhanced port/remake, its not a new game.

The other games.....they are not major budget games are they..? Maybe that is why o.O? Why would Uncharted a major IP for the Vita be a day 1 PSN+ free D:!?

It's been out for a couple of months, so I don't think it counts as day1. Also, the idea is to create huge buzz. If plants vs zombies or about a blob was free tomorrow with ps+ for vita, only a few people would talk about it.

By offering 12 games, they seem to be desperate to make everyone get a ps+. Considering how much money microsoft is making with xbox live, it's hardly surprising that Sony want a piece of that pie, hence them offering popular games such as lbp2 and Infamous 2 for free.

Had they announced at e3 Uncharted ga as one of the games free with ps+, I'm pretty sure many gamers would have been intrigued.