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CGI-Quality said:

Excellent interview with David Cage.

Here's one of the bits that excites me the most:


CVG: At the moment there seems to be the same sort of button prompts as Heavy Rain...

Cage: "This has the same interface at the moment. That may still change before the end, (but) this is not the same gameplay. In Heavy Rain, where Jayden was chased in the market, for example, you were just evading the cops. He was running on his own, he was choosing his gun on his own, you were just choosing prompts. Here, when she's in the forest, you are controlling Jodie. When she runs on the slope, when she runs in the forest, when she runs in the train, wherever she is. You're in control all the time and the prompts are used much more like in God of War".


i'm going to read what i want to read in that statement and say ...