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Can't wait for either game.

After watching that off-screen demo of Beyond, I'm even more hyped than I already was. Having the ability to temporarily "take over" another person's body?? Amazing. And the It was an OFF-SCREEN demo, and I watched it on my phone, yet I was still blown away at the look of the game. And Ellen Paige is brilliant for this role. Only negative is that I hope they have an explanation for why she was able to take on all those cops ontop of the train. Was a little confusing, since it didn't seem like Aiden (sp?) was helping her.

TLoU looks incredible, and its E3 demo made me even more hyped, but it was already guaranteed to be a good game, considering who's making it. Beyond has me so excited bc I was expecting QD's game to be good, but nowhere near THIS good. Color me hyped.