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crissindahouse said:

i'm a little bit interested in infamous 2 as example which i have to pay ~6-7€ on ebay here where i live for a used copy (better used than digital). but then i would OWN the game as long as i wish if i realy like it or i can sell it after 6 months to get almost the same back. which would at the end maybe cost me one time shipping cost to me and ebay charges. the shipping cost when i sell it would pay the buyer. i would maybe lose 2-3€ with my purchase. the same for the second game i would maybe play, just cause 2. but i calculate it like it should be calculated. if a game wasn't worth 7€ for me to own it over ebay, it has to be much less worth to me to own it only the time i pay for ps+. that means a game like infamous 2 is maybe worth 5€ for me to buy on ebay and much less as time limited digital version because i can't own it forever and i can't sell it anymore and it is only digital.

Wow, Germany's Ebay must be incredibly cheaper than all the online stores here in the United States.  Infamous 2 will run you $20-$25 after shipping to purchase used in the US (16-20 Euros)...or you are simply making up the prices just to make it sound like ps+ isn't as good as it seems.

Perhaps somebody else who understands German can clarify if Infamous 2 is indeed a 60% discount when compared to the price that is available in the US, that would be greatly appreciated.

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