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Baalzamon said:
pezus said:

Holy fucking shit! Definitely getting Plus now. A question though, is it a good idea to subscribe to the US plus if you live in Europe or should I just stick with the UK one? (12 vs. 10 games etc.). Shouldn't all games I get from the US store run on my European PS3?

Stay with Europe.  Apparently Europe may add games more frequently, resulting in more games actually being added than America gets.

Some answers from US PlaySation.

EU has a different list of games, but the philosophy of more free games is the same.

new games will be coming in all the time, so while I don’t have info on when (or if) Motorstorm would be coming to US Plus, I wouldn’t rule it out.

more to come in the month, just wanted to focus on the new superpowered instant game collection

Thanks! I think what they meant was, while the core games in the collection will be available to download for some time, we’re going to be adding in new content all the time. We will not be waiting 16 weeks to add new games, and I’m sure the same can be said for SCEE.

Discounts are still a part of Plus. This post just covers the new idea behind the instant game collection

I guess the EU is not to receive more frequentely games.