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E3 is next week and i'm hopeful FF15 will be announced with the developers left over from FF12.

My feeling is that FF has decended into an Anime Soap Opera. FF13 features some awful moments, and i feel these were taken from FF8, which then translated into the FF7 compilation and of course the critically unacclaimed Fabula Nova Crystalisis compliation.

A lot of people are claiming Versus 13 will save the series. I think the story will be orders of magnitude worst than FF13. Based on what i've seen of the Edward and Ella, Squall and Rinoa, Tidus and Yuna... sorry i mean Noctis and Stella melodrama.

I think FF12 was a great game, but for many reasons was NOT a masterpeice. I'm hoping this time those developers take what was learned from that game and create a true FF masterpeice: FF15.

But for various reasons i feel FF has had its day in the sun. They had their chance with FF12, they failed to meet consumer satisfaction with that game, and FF13 has been even worst, with FF13-2 solidifiying that particular failure.