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TruckOSaurus said:
benao87 said:

I'll just leave this here.

Few moments are as epic as that one. :'(

Poor FFVIII, I really like that one, but so little love from others.


Poor Palom and Porom! Final Fantasy IV had it's share of characters sacrificing themselves. Palom and Porom stoning themselves, Tellah casting Meteo, Yang to stop the cannon, Cid jumping off the airship and bombing the crater shut.

But in the end, they all survive except for Tellah, that poor useless bastard!

An epic moment. Of which that game had many. I always thought it was funny when you fought someone they would be huge, but if they joined your party they would shrink down to your size.

Two Final Fantasy games I always really liked were Final Fantasy Legend III and, the dumbed down for western audiences, Mystic Quest. The two games were made by the same team out of Square Soft's Osaka branch.

Legend III was one of the hardest JRPGs I had ever played. With breaking weapons and sharp dificulty spikes, I spent a lot of time grinding hour after hour and constantly running to town to replace my broken weapons. This is still one of my favorite Game Boy games.


Mystic Quest was my third entry into the Final Fantasy series after FF1 and FF IV(II). But then again when I played it, those were the only console FF games that had been released in the US. I was a little disapointed that the story was very simple and the battle system was so different than FF IV. But as I got into the game I started to love all of the action elements that were added to it. You could interact with the environment, jumping, slashing, grappeling. It was almost like a simplified Zelda game outside of battle. There were also no random battles, which I thought was the future of the franchise at the time. Boy was I wrong. But then a couple of years later my mind was blown when I shelled out $80 for FF VI(III) which push the SNES to a place I didn't think was graphically possible.