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Thanks to Rol's awesomeness in knowing forum history... once again I can visually prove that not only was I right all along, but so is Rol!


superchunk on 09 November 2009

Core gamers pre-order. Rest of world buys when the[y] see commercials.

This really is no contest individually. NSMB will easily outsell MW2 individually on any other platform. The real grudge match will be if it can outsell MW2 on PS360 combined.


RolStoppable on 11 November 2009

For the holiday season, the ranking is as follows:
1. MW2 360
2. NSMB Wii
3. MW2 PS3

For lifetime sales, NSMB Wii moves to the top spot and beats both versions of MW2 combined.


The thread was actually regarding which game would sell more in Holidays of 2009. You can see what I stated and here's the numbers:
MW2(360): 8.8m
MW2(PS3): 6.3m
NSMBWii: 10m
And thats with NSMBWii having no bundle options that holiday, unlike MW2 which had a 360 bundle, and far less preorders than either version of MW2.

Additionally I'd like to point out LTD:
MW2 (PS360): 22.7m
NSMBWii: 25.4m

So suck it to all those that were wrong in that thread!