Jay520 said:
Hello there, ^_^ I'm Jay520 from Detroit, MI. Just joined a few years ago. My favorite food is tacos! Just here looking for some 'fun'. If you wanna have 'fun' and don't mind coming to Detroit, just PM me and I'll find you when you get here. I'll give you a pleasant tour of the city of Detroit in my large & cozy utility van. I've had some pretty wild 'parties' in that old van. I'll also have mystery-flavored sweats and drinks to help our day go by smoothly. Also, It'd be best to wear loose-fitting clothing and come ALONE. Just wanna have a good time. :D

Also, no need to know anything about me. We can 'get to know' each other when I find you. I have a wonderful set of events planned out. I hope you like surprises! :D And my favorite Member is obviously NintendoPie.

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