NolSinkler said:
Romney, because at least he isn't for same-sex 'marriage'.

Feel free to check out my signature whenever you've got some time to spare.

XD, your sig is simply the most ignorant reflection of what gay people believe those who are against same sex marriage believe. Not one of those 10 is actually aplicable in most cases. In any case, the social,and  economic drawbacks to gay marriage are enough that anybody who is the least bit objective cannot be for it. But I digress, if you wish to discuss this further, please, start a thread for it, I will, as time permits (ask Yo_john117, I'm extremely busy these days) reply to it. 


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TadpoleJackson said:
Tony_Stark said:

Politifact is hardly a good source. Give me three promises he's kept. 

Yes, the pulitzer prize winning website isn't a reliable source... I was going to copy and paste 3 promises from that page, but I don't care that much 

No, it really isn't, it's a pretty biased source, since you don't care to post anything meaningful in retort, it is safe to assume you have nothing. 

"with great power, comes great responsibility."