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Aldro said:
AndrewWK said:
Millenium said:
Aldro said:
mantlepiecek said:
AndrewWK said:
the only two 90+ games are Mass Effect 3 and Journey so far quite a slow year.

Trials evolution and Fez are also 90 +

Fez aint

Trials is

(If we're basing it off of meta ofcourse ^^)


ME3 with 93
Journey with 92
Trials with 91


Safe to say that ME3 is the only REAL contender atm... and as far as we KNOW for sure: I think only Halo 4 really has a chance? The rest are mostly just guesses of release dates. And basing it off of history (eg Assassins creed series) it's not exactly 90+.

Assassin's Creed 3 could be the first to do a 92-93 score if they really handle it well I reckon. Besides that I don't see anything except for Halo 4 that's really gonna take a shot at beating ME3 this year at the moment. Maybe if GTA5 releases it could have a shot.

Altough I would love to see Mass Effect taking the GOTY awards again you shouldnt count Resident Evil 6 out. But it looks more and more like very slow year.

I'd toss The last of us in here but I don't believe in a 2012 launch :P.

Last year was the biggest year in this gen seriously (when speaking acclaim etc). Its only natural that the next year is a tad slower. I still had a bit higher expectations for 2012 though I admit.

I expected Starhawk Binary Domain Twisted Metal and Asuras Wrath to score much higher.