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S.T.A.G.E. said:
NotStan said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
NotStan said:
Derailed, by the usual suspect it seems.

7 years on, people still bitch about live.

Seven years ago Xbox Live had no equal on consoles, failed on PC where. Within the last two years Xbox Live has a direct competitor which remains free, PC is still free and Windows Live is worthless on PC because Microsoft can't lock you into a payment on an open system, hence why Xbox Live is at its current status.

Growing and thriving? Despite the free alternative available on a console that is practically a replica of the console? If the service did not justify the cost, then we wouldn't see the constant selling of consoles and growth in the numbers of users who subscribe to xbox live. Not everyone is cheap, the payment does not justify the bitching that ensues. It's literally one months fee of phone contract for the duration of a year. No one forces people to buy Xbox, no one forces people to buy Xbox Live.

Face it, no matter how much you crusade on the internet against xbox live and the MS products in general, people will still be buying it, and I don't think many would give a tiny rats ass about your biased opinion.

Now can you STOP derailing a thread with your useless baseless arguments? If you want to continue, do start your own thread so I can continue to ignore your constant droning and whining.

I have an Xbox and I bought Xbox Live for the same reasons many continue to buy it. Word of mouth, Halo, COD, Kinect whatever you will could be reasons why Xbox Live can hook people in. PSN was never marketed as the alternative (even though it is), Most people just connect to it and dont think about it (not to mention it has a more complex community, which you know nothing about until you go into home). The majority of gamers who buy Xbox Live buy it because their friends do. With the alternative, once realized there is no denying it.

Right. So by that rationale, a friend of my friend is also a friend of another friend who's actually friends with Bill Gates. So that makes me somewhat of a friend to Bill Gates, after all he's the CEO of MS and it's only logical that his live account is one of the ones who started it all?

What I've seen so far, PSN has nothing in terms of community when compared with the XBL, cross-game party chat being one of the main cons for that, and lack of microphones to top it off.

As I said, I know your posting pattern, this is a pointless argument, don't bother replying, because I sure as hell won't reply back.

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.