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1.  You ignored my point.  If you want to win, you will use the most precise controls available.

2.  With what logic are you writing off the entire PC gaming community? You are simply saying "they don't count because I say so". Give a good reason as to why PC gamers should be seen as a seperate crowd from other gamers. The reason people don't use mice with a console is because it's impractical. What was your point by bringing that up??

1.  No, I addressed your point.  Several times, in fact, but apparently I have to again, so I'll keep it as simple as possible.  I, who am not a casual gamer, along with many others, find motion controls for games like golf, bowling, and tennis MORE accurate than using a control pad.  It's far more realistic and accurate when putting a spin on the ball or getting more swing with a stroke, similar to how it is in, you know, REALLY PERFORMING THESE MOVES.  Make sense now?  I realize it's hard for you to understand how other people's opinions can differ from yours, but alas, they do.

2. Your hypocrisy here is truly amazing, but your response is, again, easily refutable.  You are simply regarding PCs as the standard for games; saying that if trends (such as motion controls) are not prevalent in PC gaming, they're relegated to being fads.  I have pointed out how ridiculous that is by saying home gaming consoles, which are primarily about gaming unlike PCs, have embraced motion controls.  So again, I know it's hard to accept opposing viewpoints to your own.  Regarding the mouse example, how is it so hard for you to understand its relevance when you've already answered your own question?  Twice.  As accurate as a mouse is, it's not practical in the environment where gaming takes full precedence.  Yet, motion controls are.  Hmmmm...

1. I think you need to pick up a dictionary because intuitive doesn't mean what I think you think it means. I would still argue that with tennis a pad allows you to do more quicker then with motion controls. Though if you prefer it for bowling/golf fair enough, although it is an incredibly niche market.

2. How am I regarding PC's as "THE" standard for games? I'm regarding them as source of gaming whereas you are just flat out ignoring them. Every PC may not be about gaming, but the fact that motion controls have not been successful on the PC, while in conjunction with the plateud kinect sales and lack of core game sales on the wii, shows that obviously motion controls do not bring anything necessary to gaming. 

3. Why the hell are you going on about mice still? You brought it up asking why they aren't used on consoles, and the answer was because it would be too problematic. To use a motion control you just have to stand up, whereas to use a keyboard and mouse you need a solid surface to rest them on. Either keep up with the conversation or leave. 

1.  Lol, your posts are becoming desperate.  Although I am quite aware of what intuitive means, I didn't even use the word in my last response.  I did, however, use "accurate" and "realistic".  Do you know what those mean?  And the Wii sold quite well for "an incredibly niche market", no?

2.  No, I'm not flat out ignoring PC gaming at all.  And I never once said I expect motion controls to become commonplace on PCs.  You, however, did state that because they are not, they must be fads, or that they bring nothing necessary to gaming.  Again I would say that many disagree with you... and did you ever stop and think that perhaps the reason for the Wii's abrupt decline was because Nintendo pretty much abandoned it prematurely?  They made a choice to focus on its successor instead, which, in case you hadn't heard, will readily support motion controls too.

3.  Third time's the charm?  Maybe?  No?  Ok, one more time with feeling:  The reason I brought up mice was because you declared PC gaming as the be all, end all standard in what determines if something is relevant to gaming, when you exclaimed that motion controls are nothing more than a fad because they've never been successful on PCs.  I logically assumed that if the PC was indeed worthy of this status, then that would mean its control method, a mouse, should be prevalent everywhere that any "serious" gaming took place... such as consoles.  You yourself have now stated, THREE TIMES, the impracticality of this idea in the home console space.  With me so far?  Good.  

Therefore, we can assume that because mice don't suck just because they're not console standards, motion controls also don't suck just because they're not PC standards.  In other words, get over yourself in declaring motion controls can't be used to better some games for some people.