Mnementh said:
Mazty said:
That's half a sentence. Because games like Wii sports...what? And it's a bad joke calling wii sports and wii fit a game. Call of Duty is a game. Wii sports is as much a game as farmville. The Wii is a console made for casual gamers and that will cost Nintedo their audience for their next console.

So, we should look out, if Nintendo can convert Wii-owners to Wii-U-owners. That's something interesting to watch in the next year.

hmm.. I think that might be hard, although I won't put it beyond Nintendo to surprise me here.

In my opinion a good part of the people who bought the Wii are satisfied with the experience they got, but don't feel they need more that quickly.. many of them are adults and adults are patient, so a lot of them might just sit out a gen before investing in new hardware (if they even feel the need for new games .. I mean I know a lot of folks, that just play Solitair for 20 years and are perfectly fine with not trying any other game).