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PSV is at 1.8m, it sold 600k in march if sales were 1.2m at the end of february.



shipments were 1.2m by end feb.

The 1.2m reported during the western launch were sold to customers I believe. Boasting about shipped (sold to retailers) numbers for launch makes no sense.

1.8m reported now is sold to retailers.


Edit: WOW if thats the case it's quite probable that the vita has yet to sell through the initial western shipment! 1.8M(minus Japan) WAS THE VITA'S LAUNCH SHIPMENT FIGURE!??!

How do you know?

Did some counting...If we minus Japan from the western launch: ~600k sold to customers LTD in Japan by the time the west launched.(~800k shipped?)

So we have  ~1M shipment for the entire western launch+pre-launch.

So yeah its an almost certainty.

EDIT: Know what, fuckit! That was the launch shipment.

Pretty sure Sony never reports sold to customer numbers, if they even knew them begin with - as far as I know Nintendo is the only one with a tracking system.