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AndrewWK said:
Sal.Paradise said:
AndrewWK said:

Resident Evil: Opertion Racoon City sold 1.7 mill copies so far and becam the 25th best selling Capcom game ever. The other big Capcom Franchise Street Fighter X Tekken sold 1.4 mill so far. 

Capcom's squad-based shooter spin-off trumps "lagging" Street Fighter X Tekken's 1.4 million copies sold; publisher's full-year sales and profits sink.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City may not have won the praise of reviewers (the game runs a 52 on Metacritic), but that didn't stop Capcom's action shooter from selling 1.7 million units since its release in March. Sales of that caliber make the game Capcom's 25th best-selling title of all time.;Today039sGamingNews;ResidentEvilOrcInfect

It was 1.7 million in NA+EU only, so with the JP sales it was almost 2 million worldwide. 

Not your fault, just the lazy journalist's at gamespot. 

Really? 2 milion? Such a shame. Games like this sell like hot cookies and Vanquish sold less then 1 mill on both platforms combined :/

I'm with you there, Vanquish deserved so much more.