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KylieDog said:
M.U.G.E.N said:

I absolutely agree that in some maps the power weapon placement is stupid. For eg. chateau the RPG is placed rediculously close to one teams starting point while the other teams has nothing near them. so yep I 100% on this one with you.

This is not true.  One team does spawn nearer the RPG, this is balanced by the other team spawning near the grenade launcher.  This is what several UC3 maps do, instead of one power weapon in the middle they add two and attempt to put each closer to a certain spawn.

In Chateue? Maybe you are talking about a different mode as different modes change the power weapons that are available at times. I mainly play Team Obj. and I can assure you there is no grenade launcher in the chateua map. tbh I can't even remember it having one in team death match. The power weapons available on TO mode are the rpg, bolt sniper and pistole

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