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BHR-3 said:
for the dlc maps that are from UC2 what do they have for the shotgun as power weapon the sawed off from UC3 or the original pump action one that was used in UC2

sorry i meant pistole its a power weapon in both uncharted 2 and 3 like the shotgun its blindfire accuracy is not as accurate as it was in 2, in UC2 with shotgun and pistole it was way easier to kill than it is in 3. you did not have to go down the irons just get close enough while moving and fire once, the shotguns in UC2 where one shot kill weapons like they should be for a PW to match the sniper gun

I don't really remember if UC2 had a sewed off shot gun tbh :S but yeah the only shotguns available so far are SAS and sewed off...I believe UC2 had the MOSS

oh I think I know what you mean by's the power weapon found in the chateu map right? I personally didn't have any issues with it...but I haven't used it that much either. I will use it more and see what it's like. My most favorite power weapons are the hammer and SAS. I do REALLY well with the SAS in the Old Quarter map. Had like 5 spray and pray medals in a game yesterday as well using it

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