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I think you're just whining for no real reason. Simple. If you think you were cheated because you bought all the DLC (for the sake to get trophies) you should have done research on whether the DLC packs were going to feature separate trophy lists.

Company's are NOT required to offer anything additional. If the lack of additional trophies in Uncharted 3 upsets you, then you clearly don't enjoy the online of the Uncharted games (even though you said in your first sentence that you believe it was one of the best additions to the series). If getting trophies determines your level of enjoyment for a game, you need to find a different past time.

I like getting trophies just like countless other people, but I will never complain about DLC not featuring more trophies to get. Or any future game not even incorporating trophies/achievements for that matter. You might find some supporters to your anger, but not with me.