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They're like inscects, you squash them, and another one comes around. Give it up, the fact is that until 2-3 years later, the PS3 will have remotely comparable software. The PS3 has had tons of ports, and very few exclusives, whereas the 360 had considerable next-gen games and upgrades when it came out. Upto this point last year we had: Oblivion (the reason I got a 360), which was brand new, not a port, and sold incredibly well and is the #2 reviewed game on 360. GRAW 1, again highly reviewed, incredible sales, and was a huge increase vs. the PS2/Xbox version (which review wise, sucked) Fight Night 3, the first actual true next-gen sports game (that actually had a comparible gameplay mode) As well as launch titles. The PS3 has had: Motorstorm, a great next-gen racing game Virtua Fighter 5, a great comparison to DOA4, but nothing more/less. The 360 had the same quality, or slightly better software. Despite no software in May or April, sales of 360s stayed very steady, and continued to be sold out. As for the PS3, they've steadily decreased. The fact is, good software DOES give a good boost in sales, but if there just isn't a demand for the hardware because it's overpriced, it won't sell. The 360 has far far better games right now than the PS3 has, but despite that, sales are down. Why is that? $400 is too much to pay for a next-gen system.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.