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your mother said:
Darth_efe said:
dallas said:
Rath said:
dallas said:

The thing with the PS3 vs 360 discussion is that while sony still has improvements coming down the pipeline for its product through improved online capabilities (better PSN, Home) or higher levels of blu-ray market penetration, better games or whatever, the 360 can differentiate itself with ONLY by lowering its price, and I have been looking but haven't heard of anything that the 360 is doing to improve its product.


So, the PS3 has all of the POTENTIAL forward momentum here.

But the 360 has all the ACTUAL foward momentum. Just look at the sales in comparison to each other.


What is going to be improved or is planned on being improved for the 360? The only thing the 360 has plans for that it currently doesn't have is a price drop and to keep putting out good games. That is OK but, Sony appears to be working harder to earn consumer's dollars.


WTF what do u think is going to happen when halo 3 is realeased sales will peak for a period and than just go down, Halo is the only reason why most people bought the 360 or it just has been hype. PS3 had a alow start and after 2 months fruggen good games are coming out eg. lair, the darkness heavenly sword.

So what you are saying is:

Halo will cause increased sales and peak for a period and then just go down, but Lair, the Darkness and Heavenly Sword will cause sustaned sales and never peak, and never go down?

just give up. You can't argue with them.

Isn't it strange that one delusional Sony fan is banned and suddenly another one rises to take its place?


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