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theRepublic said:
DanneSandin said:
theRepublic said:

“Everybody needs to realize that the Wii software segment is trending down 50 percent year over year, and has been for the last 12 months. That is a massive decline. There’s no way you could not have a decline overall with that big of a decline in that portion of the software.”

The Wii has been a huge portion of this generation's revenue, so of course the Wii decline is going to affect the overall. Nintendo have moved their teams to the 3DS and Wii U and third parties completely dropped the ball with the Wii, so there is no big software left. This is pretty much a no brainer statement.

“Ten years ago, Nintendo largely catered to kids and Nintendo fanboys. There was about a five year period they could expand their market beyond that, and now I think they’re back to the kids and Nintendo fanboys again. It’s not a bad market but it’s not a market that’s going to grow enormously.”

You have got to be fucking kidding me. The 3DS is through the roof right now, and we have yet to see Wii U software. It is conceivable that Nintendo could only end up with Gamecube like software for the Wii U, but to say this now is just ridiculous. Saying stuff like this during a generational transition is just asking to make yourself look stupid.

i believe that the wiiu will sell at least forty million units based on the fact that around threehundred million will be sold next generation.

I've seen you say that before, and I don't have any reason to disagree.  Even with Gamecube type software, the Wii U should still beat the Gamecube based on the strength of the brand alone.

My bigger point was that if Nintendo makes more Wii type software for the Wii U, then they are going to make this analyst look like an idiot.  Although he is doing a pretty good job of that on his own.

i completly agree with you. they have the chance to make it big this gen as well. and hes a total idiot

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