Azamondeps3 said:
pezus said:
You're taking a very strict view of the meaning of free here. It's all about what free means.

If you have a free will, then you can shape the future. If you don't have a free will then the future and all your future decision are predetermined or determined by randomness, giving you no control of your actions.

In every moment in time we all have a choice but in that moment we can only make one choice thats the point, think about this if we have free speach we can say anything we want, but we cant because we are bound by rules and law so is that complete freedom of speach? 

But you're totally capable of saying things that are outside of those bounds and face the consequences, if you so choose to. Also, the law and social rules themselves are made by people's choices, they're not universal laws that bound you.

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