pezus said:

But then his decisions would be predetermined.


It's a paradox, really. The only way you could possibly make a (non-random) descision is if the world is determined, which means that every descision you make were already decided before you made them. Thus, the will is determined and not free.

It isn't that simple. It doesn't mean his decisions were predetermined, it means he made them himself based on his own experience. Regardless, I think it can be looked at in two ways; You do it in the predetermined way, I the free will. It's just a matter of interpretation 

But the thing is that there is always a reason for your "decisions". If those reasons are determined, then so is your "free" will. If those reasons are not determined, then they have randomly occured (as opposed to occuring following a pattern), thus making your "free" will based on radom events.

Free means independent, so it can't be dependent on randomness.


(You better read all of this, Basil!)