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This same analyst told Gamasutra on Nov. 24, 2009 that half the Wii owners also had another console.
So that means those people are not buying for their Xbox 360s or PS3s either.

Considering this person is covering computer games, cinema, and console, my guess is his knowledge base is a mile wide and an inch deep.

Also, if you don't believe that there might be bias, he predicted a less than strong reception for the WiiU on March 22, 2012,, saying that "... we do not expect it to be a driver of third party publisher shares, given their historically low exposure to Nintendo platforms." I am guess that Ubisoft (Let's Dance series) and Activision (since it is getting Nintendo exclusive ads for the Skylanders series on Wii and 3DS) may disagree.

Yes, analysts try to predict things to make money -- for their clients. When you know who is paying them to make public statements, then you will know the source of their biases. This discussion has been made many times about Pachter.

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