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happydolphin said:
chocoloco said:
I always felt this way about Nintendo his words sound very logical compared to most Nintendo fans. The Wii just plain has failed to maintain its early success. Not that I care when they never make the hardware or software I want the most anyways,.

We agree with bold, almost all of us...

It's the analysis that we mostly don't agree with here. He says that most Nintendo casuals migrated to iphone and ipad due to Nintendo's doings. Apple's appeal has nothing to do with what Nintendo is doing, the WiiU will be out soon and is targetting that same casual audience, so I don't know what he means by:


“Ten years ago, Nintendo largely catered to kids and Nintendo fanboys. There was about a five year period they could expand their market beyond that, and now I think they’re back to the kids and Nintendo fanboys again. It’s not a bad market but it’s not a market that’s going to grow enormously.”

His words don't sound logical at all. There is absolutely no reason to say bold unless he's trolling. Pure and simple. If Nintendo captured the casuals with the DS and the Wii, they certainly can do it with the WiiU.


Ananlysts are not paid to troll they are payed to advise investors and they do try to not hurt random internet peoples feelings rather they say what they think is true that will help their cients and corporations they work for. It is not trolling, it is doing their job right by being honest. I truly fell the wii U will mostly gather kids and so called fanboys next gen. They just are not capturing a large enough of an audience to maintain their old success.

Apple and companies have plenty to do with Nintendo or any other electronics/entertainment corporation. Time and money is limited so we can only use both on a limited amount of resources. If Nintendo is continually losing software sales that quickly the money and time is going elsewere and since apple, tablet, and facebook gaming is growing it is logical to assume that is where many people are spending their time and money. Not 100% correct, but definantly one of the areas Nintendo is losing sales to.