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Korppi said:

Keep the "stages of doom". If tourneyfags (if you'll pardon the expression) insist on turning the game into a Fox-fest in Final Destination, that's fine, but a lot of us enjoy a little pandemonium once in a while. And really, has anybody here actually been hit by the laser in Halberd? That thing gives you like a year to get out of the way.

I will agree with the writer that self-scrolling stages are totally lame. Tripping is lame too, but it doesn't happen very frequently so I've never been that bothered by it. I still don't see why it was added in the first place, though.

And finally, I don't see the point in saying "keep local multiplayer in Smash". It would be like saying "keep power-ups in Super Mario Bros." or "keep exploration in Metroid".

I agree with most everything else.

PS. Wolf is awesome. Falco's the one who needs to go.


somehow I totally forgot about those... I have nothing against a changing environment, but these stages really just sucked...
btw my favourite map are  Hyrule Castle and Bridge of Eldin - the later one because of no falling down unless the bridge is bombed and the Castle because of its huuuuuge size and being able to survive to up to 999%