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Fix, Keep, or Ditch: Super Smash Bros. - Article on gamrReview


So what is your opinion on the elements of the game mentioned in the article...

I must say I can agree with a lot of them. I only dislike two of the "ditch it"s:

Stages of Doom -

I think they should be kept, just because it can be fun to play on a stage that can and will work against you, of course it should not be randomly activated but more like the acid from the first SSB in the Metroid Stage.

Tripping -

Seriously! We had tripping contest when we played that game! Tripping is a fun addition for the casual play, but should be deactivateable.

And I would like to add a keep it (or more of a fix it):

Stage Editor -

sadly enough it did not get that much attention and I think it could've been implemented better, it worked well for what it was, but it felt like there were to little options to create a individual stage, they should've add more skins to the underground and give more possibility to let the creative players to their thing...


So whats your opinion? Any Fixes, Ditches or Keeps to add? Anything you don't agree with? Feeling the urge to prove me or the creator of the article wrong? Then share it!