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greenmedic88 said:
Pjams said:
greenmedic88 said:
It really depends on who's doing the review, their opinion of family oriented games and what expectations they had.

The more unrealistic the expectations, the lower the score.

Say the words "motion based light saber game" and instantly fans are going to have wild EXPECTATIONS. Without taking the LIMITATIONS OF KINECT into account, yeah; there's going to be a big margin for disappointment.

Taken for what it is, it still sounds like a pretty fun collection of motion based mini games set in the star wars universe. That alone would make more entertaining to many than say Kinect Adventures or Kinect Sports.

I'm sure MS would like to hire you for their PR/Marketing department

Oh, I'm sure they'd love me. It's no secret I'm their Biggest Fan. 

I would however preach to the choir about the alternate uses for the Kinect outside of the Xbox. The relatively open source nature of the device, the freely available SDK, the general accessibility of the hardware, etc. has resulted in the most interesting home brew and independently developed software I've ever seen out of what was really just marketed as a video game peripheral, but has far more interesting uses outside of the commercial games released so far. 

I've been able to get pretty decent MoCap data using iPi Software and a pair of Kinect sensors that's easily imported into Motion Builder or Maya for editing and project use. Easily game level results with a decent animator doing the clean up, hand and face animation. 

Sounds very cool, are people actually using it as a develoment tool? Sounds like a cheap and easy solution for testing to be used in conjunction with mocap