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Well, just beat it after stopping myself from doing all the side achievements and I can easily say that this is one awesome game. After hearing so much negative things about the game's controls, I found it so surprising that I got used to them in 10 minutes. Even funnier was that after I got used to them, I went to the options and configured it to where I can shoot and move on a dime. The story was a great route to take considering that they didn't know which way to take it and there are some breath taking moments that amazed me(and freaked me out as well.) I played the multiplayer it was fun as hell but there are a lot of dumb players on it (including myself.) I though that this game was going to end at chapter 10 and even if it did I would still be going for those achievements but man kept on going and it was all amazing. This game is another masterpiece from Sakurai. I only wish that there was more (and driving the vehicles didn't suck.) (9/10)

don't waste time

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