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I'd have to say that besides RE:Revelations, it is the best game on 3ds.  The game is beautiful to look at, an absolute joy to play and the charm from the soundtrack and the dialog is incredible.  It just simply offers soo much for the money that even without the online it would be worth it.  That said, the online battles are awesome.  Hopping into a game is super easy and fast and I have experienced zero lag or framerate issues...and there is a lot going on.  The particle effects are insane at some points.  A leader board and perhaps mic chat option would have been nice additions.

I'd have to admit that the controls take some playtime to get used to, but once you've got just works great.  Even for myself, with larger hands I haven't experienced any discomfort.  It would have been nice if the option to use the circle pad pro was included for more than just lefty control...but I really have no problems with controlling the game as it is.

A great game and a must have.  Anyone thinking should stop thinking and go get it is my advice, its a great value and worth the money.