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5.5 Presentation
The story in Silent Hill Downpour isn’t half bad, and watching Murphy’s past unfold is one of the more compelling elements in the game, but the half-baked inclusion of choice options feels tacked on.
4.0 Graphics
Some cool design ideas that ultimately fall apart under technical issues and drab, boring visuals. Polish problems like framerate stutters and freezing can have a detrimental effect on the gameplay.
6.5 Sound
The music effects are fairly sparse aside from some creepy sound effects here and there to set the mood, and the Korn theme song likely isn’t for everyone. The voice work is hit and miss.
4.0 Gameplay
A heavy reliance on sub-par combat and dull exploration elements make this one a frustrating bore to play.
4.5 Lasting Appeal
Downpour isn’t terribly long, but completing the extra side missions will extend the experience. Unfortunately, that experience is still deeply flawed.