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xtx said: Who cares?The backward compatibility issues are even worse for the 360,does the 360 sell well?Yes.Are you buying the ps3 to play next gen games or old gen games?People who are critisizing the ps3 in this thread are just 360 fanboys who should look at their own backward compatibility issues. "In a statement the company added that some additional titles would be made compatible through regular firmware updates--a similar setup as in the US, where initially some previous Sony format games experienced problems, but many were fixed through online updates for the console. The Japanese and American PS3s play an estimated 98 percent of the old games. The first update is planned for the European and Australian launch on March 23, and gamers can check out compatibility on Sony's Web site, which will go live on the launch date.";title;3[/quote] It part of a bigger problem. Sony can't keep treating us like crap.

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