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Wish they'd release some more info for the damn thing already. Nintendo is such a tease! I mean come on, it's coming this year, what's the delay? Hopefully there should be a plethora of goods shown at E3. I'm always hyped for a new Nintendo console but at the moment there just isn't much there to be excited about.

I'm curious about NSMB Mii, I just hope they just don't recycle the exact same stuff from NSMB Wii. That Killer Freaks game looks interesting, and I'm sure Pikmin 3 will be awesome. Miyamoto rarely dissapoints. DQX should be epic as well. Was gonna pick it up on Wii but I'm sure the Wii U version will be superior, especially if online is a big part of it, so I might as well go with that one.

The main thing I'm wondering about the console is how many games (if any) are still going to utilize the Wiimote and motion control. I think I'd just rather use the traditional Wiimote instead of the big clunky looking tablet controller, except for a few games here and there like Smash Bros. I'm not completely sold on the need/innovation of a touch screen on a controller, but Nintendo could always prove me wrong.