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Just thought I'd better point out that several sources on NeoGAF doing their best to balance keeping their jobs and giving what little info they can have confirmed that the CPU is a triple core, not a quad core. The GPU in early dev kits was R700-based but later dev kits had a GPU pushing 1TFlop, most probably RV770-based. What they've got in current dev kits is unclear but I'd say it's a safe bet that it'll have a similar throughput and improved tessellation. The RAM is a unified pool, is 'slow' and is over best guess would be 1.5GB of GDDR3 on a 128 bit bus, although as the 360 and 3DS have proven it's not unusual for RAM to be upped at the last minute so we could possibly be looking at as much as 2GB with a little luck.

Both the CPU and GPU have been confirmed to have eDRAM which should stop the GDDR3 being a troublesome bottleneck for developers.

It's worth checking out the Wii U Speculation thread on NeoGAF frequently as there's an ex-journalist on there with contacts inside the industry that's giving a few hints here and there. :oD