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brendude13 said:
lestatdark said:
brendude13 said:
lestatdark said:
brendude13 said:
Can we discuss our Pokemon parties? Or is there a separate thread for that?

Well I think my sig speaks volumes for mine, though they're still not at level 100 (it's stupidly hard to level up dragons past level 90)

Seaking is a dragon?

Anyway, what do you think of this for an original, no starter, no legendary 1st gen team:


Are there any improvements I could make to my team?


That's mister badass Kingdra, with his Yawn and Rest combos plus his high-ish (240+) Def and Sp.Def xD. And yes, he's a Water/Dragon, meaning his only weakness is Dragon  

Your team is balanced, but personally, I would exchange Raichu for Jolteon. He's one of the ultimate electric badasses.

I got the King part right, didn't think it sounded right.

He was a bastard in the ice gym. I remember him now, he is so much more powerful than he looks. He's second gen, right?

As for Jolteon, he was my original electric pokemon, but I swapped him out because it's an Eevee evolution (I'm OCD with my Pokemon, they all have to be original). I always knew Raichu was my weakest link, but it's the evolution of the series' mascot, and I can't think of a cooler, more original, better Pokemon. I wanted Pikachu with a light ball but it was far too weak.

I believe you can breed Pikachu with a Light Ball and get a Pichu with Volt Tackle and carry it to Raichu. That would at least give your Raichu some good Sweepr power with proper IVs and EVs on Att and Speed. 

Yeah Kingdra is second gen, he was Cathy's best pokemon (bastard could nuke you with Dragon Pulse and Hydro Pump before you could say FUU). He's got good balanced stats (95 base on almost everything, 85 on speed and 75 on HP) and he's an overall damage soaker with the proper moveset. Using Yawn + Outrage is a nice way to infuriate anyone

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