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brendude13 said:
lestatdark said:
brendude13 said:
Can we discuss our Pokemon parties? Or is there a separate thread for that?

Well I think my sig speaks volumes for mine, though they're still not at level 100 (it's stupidly hard to level up dragons past level 90)

Seaking is a dragon?

Anyway, what do you think of this for an original, no starter, no legendary 1st gen team:


Are there any improvements I could make to my team?


That's mister badass Kingdra, with his Yawn and Rest combos plus his high-ish (240+) Def and Sp.Def xD. And yes, he's a Water/Dragon, meaning his only weakness is Dragon  

Your team is balanced, but personally, I would exchange Raichu for Jolteon. He's one of the ultimate electric badasses.

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