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Pavolink said:
gameheart said:
No need to respond to the lunatic. Whatever negatives pachter says about nintendo has always meant
good fortunes for them which make me believe the future is definately bright for nintendo

Well, to be fair, he is right about Nintendo's stock and their losses.

He called recently the Wii as a "fad", and becuase of that and Kinect its sales were declining fast. The same with smartphones and tablets against dedicated portable gaming. The point I believe he's forgetting, is that Kinect and smartphones/tablets can be fads as the Wii and many other thousand of things before in this world.

That is like being captain obvious though.  That isn't predicting that is merely stating facts.  That is about the only thing he can do right (repeat factual information) considering he plainly sucks at predicting the video game market.