Man Reggie kicked ass and took names in that video. Obviously Nintendo did not see Last Story as worth bringing over themselves but giving it to another publisher to bring to NA great idea. Heck Nintendo should try to find a publishing partner in NA to bring titles Nintendo does not deem as profitable to North America. Maybe sign a deal with a publishing label to be created exclusively supporting Nintendo platforms bringing over foreign Nintendo titles.

A publisher subsidiary. It would allow Nintendo to bring all of its titles to NA and the subsidiary may not require the over head Nintendo would to bring the titles over. The subsidiary would also have some of Nintendo's master pieces to themselves.

Sounds like a great idea. If I was THQ or Ubisoft I would jump at this opportunity. Devote a small localization team of say 20 to each game maybe have the subsidiary studio 100 employees strong. THQ could make some money on the side selling some of the best games Nintendo has to offer without the Dev costs. Little risk and great potential for profits that Nintendo doesn't deem worth the risk.


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