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Yeah sorry went to sleep. Many fans of Fallout 1 and 2 see Fallout 3 as a massive disappointment, especially the quality of the dialogue. Same goes for Oblivion with Morrowind fans, they dumbed down quite a few of the RPG elements and the world feels barren and lifeless.

For me personally however, Mario and Luigi Partners in Time was very disappointing but only because of the high bar superstar saga set.

Also this one is a tad controversial but Mario Galaxy 2. I felt as though it was a quick cash in and didn't offer much in the way of gameplay innovations aside from Yoshi who essentially acts as a powerup for the stages you are given him along with the few new powers introduced. The game felt uncharacteristic of Nintendo and had me worried Mario would follow the same route as CoD with Mario Galaxy 3 soon to follow. Luckily I was wrong.

Oh and Call of Duty 3. That was just a generic mess compared to CoD1 and 2. You know, back when CoD was good.