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sales2099 said:
pezus said:
sales2099 said:
Wacky mascot based karting games only has one king and we all know its Mario Kart.

Sure this game has potential to reach like 2 million lifetime sales...but thats nothing to be impressed about.

I'll remember to bring up GT when you comment on Forza next time.

Meh its about even with GT in "generation sales". Its in my above post. Offcourse I dont expect people to catch on to it, its a radical idea but relevant nonetheless. 

as stupid as "generation sales" is Gran turismo is still in the lead:

GT5 7.45m + GT5p 5.35m + GT 3.6m = 16.4 million+

Forza 2 4.0 + Forza 3 5.0 + Forza 3 2.0 = 11.0 million+

thats 5.5 million difference in Gran Turismo's favor, while Forza has 3 mainline entries, and Gran Turismo has just 1 (with 2 side entries).

you have no consistancy, no standards. you always set up arbitrary rules, guidelines and timeframes to try to win arguments, and when one of your previous sets of "standards" fail to win you your argument, you move on to another arbitrarly set of rules. rinse and repeat.